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The Right Social Media Tactics to Increase Sales

Nov 11, 2021

Social media is a very powerful platform for your business, however, there are so many intricacies around it for it to be effective.

Today, I am having a chat with Kori Tomelden, Impact Driven Entrepreneur’s previous client, project manager and accountability coach, and now co-host to do a deep dive about the things you can do with your social media to increase sales in your business.


This is such an important topic because I see a lot of entrepreneurs nowadays either dive head first into social media without an actual tactic or just follow what is trending or what most people are doing without fully understanding the breadth of what that takes, how that would even convert to sales, and if that is a strategy they want to use long-term for their business. 


Another factor to consider is the time you are investing in each social media platform that you would like to grow in and being intentional about investing your time and attention to it. 



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Why We Need to End the War Between Sales and Marketing

Nov 04, 2021

Being able to get clients wherever you need to is a godsend for any business. This means having systems and processes in place to generate consistent revenue and peace of mind knowing where your money for the month is going to come from.


It’s not impossible to achieve either. With the right knowledge and some groundwork, booking clients can become much easier on yourself by doing the right sales and marketing activities.


The Definition of Sales and Marketing


The first thing that you need to understand is that there's a difference between marketing and sales activities. Too often, burnt out coaches spend too much time on one or the other not knowing that the marrying of the two is crucial for growing your business exponentially.


Marketing activity is things like copywriting, posting on social media, etc. 


Outbound sales activity is done with intent. Intentionally connecting with most ideal prospects, intentionally reaching out to them....

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The Secret to Running an Effective Virtual Team

Oct 28, 2021

Maybe you are already running a team. You are keeping track of every day on everything they do. It might be still on you to make it all work. So then you are busy making sure that your team is doing every step according to plan.


But, has it ever crossed your mind how much of an impact it has on your coaching business when you consider the importance of an entrepreneurial team?


Underestimating the value of a solid team is what burnt out coaches don't seem to notice.


Would you still be able to have to create this tasty dinner your kids want every day if you have to work for your countless launches?


Imagine not knowing how important a thriving team is. It would be like saying: You don't know how your body works and what you need to eat to be healthy.


Is it more important to know how to create a team that you can trust? Or is it more to stay busy micromanaging your team the whole time?


Thriving impactful CEOs painstakingly know what a great team...

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How Soon Can I Expect My New Team Members to Perform?

Oct 21, 2021

Today, we're talking all about hiring an effective virtual team for your coaching company. This is the secret sauce of freeing yourself from a J-O-B in your business and really creating leverage and leaning on people, which is the number one way that companies grow. 

A lot of times, what I see is that coaches are really struggling to get their business off the ground, or to help more people, or to make a bigger impact. When you look at what's going on underneath the surface, you will see that it's the beliefs and ideas like, “if I want to get this right, I have to do it myself” or  “I tried hiring a VA and they couldn't follow directions or  it didn't work out” that is causing this struggle.

I want to share with you the idea that when we hire and when we lean on people is when we can have our freedom back. It's when we can grow and scale and have the ultimate business. This is really what building a company and business is all about. It's not...

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The Successful Entrepreneur Daily Schedule (The Master Schedule)

Oct 06, 2021

A few years ago, I wanted to have the freedom to make my own schedule and do what I wanted when I wanted to. I achieved that and I learned a lot in the process and that is what I want to share with you today.


Whether you are still in a job or you are a full-time entrepreneur, this blog + video will show you how to create a master schedule that turns your ideas into reality.


Let’s go back to the idea of “doing what you want when you want”. This is such a catch phrase in the industry. But what no one tells you is that having the freedom to do what you want when you want can be both freeing and disorienting. 


When you beat the 9-5 grid, you also lose all the structure that was built into that. 


Add working from home into the mix and now you don’t even have the environmental cues to know that time is passing. Days mashed up together and I found myself procrastinating more and more in my business. 


Since my reality...

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How Learning Art Taught Me to Grow My Business More Intentionally

Sep 21, 2021

Imagine this: You are at a restaurant ordering breakfast with your family. 


You want an omelet. 


The server asks you what kind?  spinach and feta, ham and cheese, bacon, bacon with cheddar, vegetable, plain, cheese, western?


Then she asks, do you want toast with that? 


You say yes. 


Then she asks you, what type? Sour dough, White, wheat, rye, multi-grain?


You think you are done deciding then she asks untoasted, lightly toasted, toasted or dark toast?


Then she asks, do you want butter or jam?

After 2 minutes of back and forth making decisions, you feel a little annoyed. For some people this process can take a long time as they slowly consider each option or ask more questions. 


While for others they know exactly what they want and it takes no time at all. 


Running an online business can be like this. 


The difference is that with an online business, you may or may not be...

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Minimalism in Business

Sep 09, 2021

“YouTube is the best channel for growing your business”


“You have to be on Instagram otherwise you don’t exist”


“Podcasts increase customer acquisition by 1000%”


These are the messages that we are bombarded with as online entrepreneurs.


In our attempt to continue to grow our businesses we give into these messages believing they are what will finally allow us to have that big breakthrough.

 We come to believe that we must do more and work harder to get more clients which of course causes us to work more and more.


In this blog, I am going to talk to you about minimalism in business as a way of becoming more intentional and strategic so that you actually produce more with less.


We can’t get there without first asking...

What is the point of all of this? 


Begin with the End in Mind to Design Your Minimalistic Business Intentionally


I like to start my high-level coaching...

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Why I am Going Back to a Job After Being an Entrepreneur Full Time for 7 Years

Sep 07, 2021

After 7 years of being an entrepreneur full time, I am going back to a job. 


I want to share a little bit about why I made this decision. 


Let’s back it up and explain how I got to where I am. 


In 2015, I was working full time as a case manager in South Texas and running my coaching business part-time after my 16-month-old would go to bed for the night and bright and early after his morning feeding at 4:30 AM. 


I was looking at ways to continue to advance up the corporate ladder and my boss at the time offered me to go into her position as the head of 3 hospitals in South Texas. 


I was super excited about doing this and was even looking at schools to go back and get another degree that I would need after I made that switch. 


That same week, my preemie daughter was born. She was only 2 lbs and ended up in the ICU for 68 days. Needless to say, that was a huge sign from the universe that it was not the time...

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How to Stay on Top of All of the Things Coming Your Way

Sep 06, 2021

Over the past few months, I have been contemplating on the idea of adulting.

You know, staying on top of ALL. THE. THINGS.

Shit we collect in our homes,
All the renewals,
All the insurances,
And their renewals

I don't know if this is a problem with our current time.

But this is not that easy.

And although I have really good systems in my business, I realized I didn't have a strong adulting system.

My inbox was at over 2,000 emails, stacks of mail all over my house, and unread messages on my LinkedIn over 20.

I didn't like showing up in my life like this so naturally...I built a better system.

I have used it since July and already I feel more "on top" of things.

Does stuff still pile up? Sometimes.

Does it mean that I will be ready to renew my passport when it comes due? ‍
Time will tell.

What I do know is that I am the type of person that likes to stay on top of my stuff and systems are what help me do that.

Is it perfect? Nope. No system ever is (especially in the...

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What is Messaging and Why is it Important?

Aug 26, 2021

This episode is a part of our Glossary of Terms series and we are talking about what exactly is messaging and how to increase your income with your messaging.


Several years ago, a friend of mine who was in a mastermind with me and is a health coach decided to massively up-level her business.

She was doing Reiki sessions, meal plans, and work out plans for clients but felt that she was undercharging.

Didn't think that it would be possible for her to charge the "premium rates" that business coaches offer simply because her market had an income cap.

She had helped some really high-level clients but was unsure how to really communicate the value of all she did in a way that would create more of these high-level clients.

Our coach at the time worked with her on messaging to attract more of those high-level clients.

She was charging from $300/session to $5K/month in a 6-month contract simply by changing her messaging.

In this video, I want to break down what messaging is and how...

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