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4 Ways of Hiring Help and What You Need to Keep In Mind During the Recruitment and Selection Process

Dec 09, 2020

Everyone has a limit.

If you try to do everything in your business by yourself you’re going to burn yourself out. Bringing in help is crucial to creating sustainable recurring income.

I want to show you why you need to bring in help for your business, where to find it and the general recruitment and selection process.

Once you get people helping you in your business that frees up a lot of time for yourself to do the stuff that really matters. Another way to free up time is to start a group program and serve all your clients in one go. I know this can be intimidating but I’ve created what I call Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist, which is FREE for anyone that needs help launching their own group program.


The Importance Of Going Through The Different Recruitment Phases


Think of it like this, imagine your business as a table.Everyone has a bandwidth. Think of this like a tablecloth sitting over your table. Your bandwidth is the time, energy, effort and...

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Selecting Candidates to Work with You and Your Business - Everything You Need to Know From Where to Find Them to How to Get Started (EP #200: REBROADCAST)

Dec 09, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about the different stages of hiring and what you need to know when selecting candidates. 


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Key takeaways for Selecting Candidates:

[00:09] Why it's so important to hire help for your business

[02:11] One of the cheapest ways to get help in your business

[04:37] One of the most expensive ways to get help in your business

[06:04] The single best way to hire and grow your business at the same time

[06:29] Why you should be hiring full time over part time employees

[08:09] Frequently asked questions regarding hiring

Hiring for your business is crucial for creating consistent recurring revenue. You want to make sure that you get the right people for the right positions. We’ve helped plenty of clients get started hiring in their business, we can help you next. Apply for a consultation here.


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The Secret Way of Coaches That Will Make You Seize an Advantage in a Downturn

Dec 07, 2020

Maybe during this year I kept thinking: 

"How the hell am I going to make it through this year? I lowered my Facebook Ad spent and created more content instead. Nothing seems to work out. 

Everyone around is struggling the same way. It's taking me away from my kids so much. How is it possible to seize an advantage in a downturn like that?"

Burnt out coaches think there are no profits to be gained but everything to be lost inside a downturn, like with the current pandemic going on.

It's like being a deer, staring into the headlights of the oncoming car, being frozen on the spot and not even trying to jump away.

Even when a volcano erupts, is it more important to stay where you are and not move an inch away or avoid being hurt by the incoming rocks and clouds of hot gasses.

Thriving coaches know that they can't sit still and wait for it to be all over. They can't really judge how long the circumstances might last. So they try to take it as it is and find possibilities that...

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This Is How a Successful Coach Builds Her Pandemic Proof Business (EP #199: REBROADCAST)

Dec 07, 2020

“How am I going to build a pandemic proof business? I don’t know if I can take another lockdown like that. I couldn’t see my child for the last few weeks, just because I was stuck here figuring out what to do.”

Thriving coaches know that times during a crisis are rough, but they also know how it can bring their coaching business to the next level. In this episode, Mariana talks about the things you can do during the pandemic and still make it thrive.


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Key Takeaways for a Pandemic Proof Business:

00:38] How mindset plays into building a pandemic proof business

[02:49] 2 coaches, same situation, but 2 different outcomes - Why is that so?

[06:03] "What goes up must come down" - How coaches use this to their advantage

[09:18] "What problem can I solve?" - How that will make your business move forward

[10:25] What did other businesses do in order to build a pandemic proof...

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Where is Your Money Going? 3 Easy to Implement Financial Management Tools and Techniques

Dec 02, 2020

In order to succeed in business, we need to pay mind to finances. This is an active activity we need to take. We can’t assume everything is going well without looking at anything ourselves.

Today, I’m going to share with you 3 systems that I use as financial management tools and techniques so you can bring in more money so you can scale up in a sustainable way.


The First Of The 3 Big Financial Procedures Every Business Needs


Bookkeeping. This is a retrospective view of what just happened. 

Whatever you decide to use, it's just a system to track what just happened. Retrospective review because you only see what happened last week, month, quarter.

Not looking forward. Not a money management system.

You can do this in a few ways. You can use an app or software to track everything for you. You can work with a bookkeeper.  You can even just keep a google spreadsheet and track everything that way.

If you struggle mindset-wise then having it be automatic...

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How to Allocate Money In Your Business - 3 Easy Things You Can Do to Take Back Control of Your Finances (EP #198: REBROADCAST)

Dec 02, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about finances and how to allocate money in your business so you can grow and scale sustainably. 


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Key Takeaways for How To Allocate Money In Your Business:

[00:32] What people are thinking about finances needs to stop, immediately!

[01:51] What financials really are a reflection of

[03:52] To know where we’re going we know to know where we were

[07:14] The most common mistake i see so many business owners make with money

[09:19] What you need to know about goals and the nuance behind achieving them


We’ve not only helped with shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset but we’ve also shown them how to implement these three systems effectively. If you need assistance with either of these then please reach out for help. Apply for a consultation here.


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This is Why Knowing How to Say No Politely In Business as a Coach Matters

Nov 30, 2020

Have you ever been in this situation: 

“I have taken in this new client last week but she just doesn’t want to listen to me, no matter what I do. I know I shouldn’t have taken her in. My gut feeling and everything else was against taking her in. Now I have missed my child’s soccer practice today, even though I promised her for a long time that I would come over and watch. I wish I knew how to say no politely in business.”

Burnt out coaches believe that they need to take in every person as a client, because they think that this is the way to grow their business. They will keep going even though it is not good for them.

Is it more important to have fulfilled lifelong clients or to have clients quitting on day one and leaving a bad review behind? 

What if I told you that this doesn't need to be the case?

Thriving coaches know it too well themselves. But when they were confronted with those kinds of clients, they politely declined them. They know...

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Who Else Wants to Know How to Turn Down a Client Politely as a Coach? (EP #197)

Nov 30, 2020

You might have experienced this: "I took this client up, but now it's a struggle because she just doesn't want to work with. I wish I could see my kids more often nowadays…  If I only knew how to turn down a client politely.”  Successful coaches know this problem very well. They know how important that is for the future of their business. In this episode, Mariana talks about helpful things you can do to achieve that goal and what it takes.


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Key Takeaways on How to Turn Down a Client Politely:

[00:39] How to turn down a client politely by knowing this foundation first 

[02:00] How to eliminate the stress that can affect you and your clients 

[03:11] Do you think that you can solve all the problems for your clients?

[05:25] How to turn down a client politely by doing this simple thing

[05:40] The 3 amazing secrets of knowing your place inside your business



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The Hidden Reason You Need To Be Niching Down In Your Business and How To Do it Effectively (EP #196: REBROADCAST)

Nov 25, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about niching down on your business. Why you need to narrow down your audience in order to see more success in your business as well as some questions to ask yourself when you’re ready to do that.


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Key Takeaways for Niching:

[01:04] The biggest reason you absolutely need to niche down your business

[06:41] Do you REALLY know who you’re helping?

[10:48] The people who came to you in the past are not the ones you need to be helping now

[11:42] Big or small, what you need to know about the type of problem your solving

[15:02] What is that extra reason they should be working with you?

[16:37] The alternative to niching down your whole business


Niching down your business and getting super specific is a great way to stick out in the minds of anyone who hears your name. But before that you need to have exceptional service and be someone worth recommending....

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Why You Can’t Be Doing Everything and Why You Need To Find Your Coaching Niche

Nov 24, 2020

One of the biggest mistakes I see struggling coaches make when it comes to their group programs is the transition from going from what has worked like selling one on one, private coaching, selling on private call etc. to something that hasn't worked before.

When we try to go from a 1 on 1 model to a one to many model we must learn how to narrow our coaching niches.

Some people are going to have resistance to that, I can already hear it. You help people with so many different things. What if i get bored with this topic? I used to be like that, I totally understand.

However once I was able to get past that preconceived notion I was able to see some major benefits.

Group programs are something else that people are hesitant about. However if you can switch to a group format then you’re also able to experience huge benefits in that way. I understand that it can be intimidating but I’ve created the Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist to help you out.


Why You Should...

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