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The Power of One Word in Your Marketing Campaign

Apr 08, 2021

Last year, we ran an event and in one day we got 2000 visitors to the registration page. 

Sounds like a dream come true for most online business owners. 

Well you know me, I always tell it like it is and share the real raw truth. 

Our conversion rate sucked. 

When I looked at what our copywriter had written...it stood out to me like a sore thumb. 

One word made the difference between 90 more people registering for the event. 

“Next” 6-figures. 

See the copywriter was trying to target the higher level entrepreneur that we usually serve in our higher level programs. 

But the word “next” excluded everyone who had not yet reached the 6-figure mark. 

And this particular event was meant to be for list growth and getting clients into our ascension plan, not to sell them right into the highest level.

When we changed that one word we increased conversions and were able to capture 90 more people from that single word without...

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How To Keep Your Confidence High as an Entrepreneur

Apr 05, 2021

Sometimes I feel like I am on top of the world. 

 Like I can do hard things, like a boss, like a badass. 

 And other times I feel like a complete failure as a business owner, as a mom, and in my life. 

 Can you relate?

 This is just a part of the human condition. 

 When I hear people ask me how to grow their confidence so that they can sell more.

 Or how to maintain that sense of “I can do anything” after the 50th rejection for the week. 

 The best answer I have is, #1 there is nothing wrong with you. 

 You are a human with a human brain that tends to generalize, and be really good at finding problems. 

 And more importantly, you are not the human that is on the sidelines, not going after your dreams. 

 YOU are showing up and going after your dreams. 

 It is natural to experience fear and doubt when you are playing life full out. 

 These feelings are what have...

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Can Changing Beliefs Take Your Business to the Next Level? (EP #221: REBROADCAST)

Apr 05, 2021

In this episode, Mariana talks about changing beliefs and how personal belief systems affect your business. 


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Key takeaways for Changing Beliefs:

[01:30] How beliefs are formed?

[04:30] Tip that helped me to scale my business

[05:45] What is the relationship between sales and beliefs?

[07:00] Are your beliefs aligned with your goals?

[08:00] What is your personal belief system?

[09:00] How to get beliefs that will serve you?


Ready to learn more about neuroscience of belief and how you can apply this to your business? Apply for a consultation here and align your beliefs with your goals so they serve you and upscale your business.


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Get Off the Hamster Wheel and Join The 3-Day Workweek

Mar 31, 2021


This morning, I spent some time deep cleaning my house. 


You know, getting to the nooks and crannies that don’t get cleaned as often. 


It got me thinking about how in business the same type of thing happens. 


We are focused on the daily to do, the weekly and monthly tasks that need to get done...or worse yet just reacting to the chaos (in the case of my house the 100 tiny toys the kids just dumped on the floor). 


That we forget about those nooks and crannies. 


The difference between our homes and our businesses is that nothing will really happen if you don’t clean the nook or cranny. 


In a business not ensuring that every nook or cranny is properly tended to can lead to massive inefficiencies in your workflow and your business’s profitability. 


So what ends up happening is you work more and more and more on the daily urgent stuff and next thing you know you have nothing...

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You Won’t Believe What She Had The Courage To Do

Mar 30, 2021

A few months ago I discovered a woman that teaches how to take care of natural hair and I fell in love with her. 

As a privileged white mom, I had spent thousands of dollars on products, tried a ton of techniques that left both my daughter and I in tears until I found this blog that taught me how to care for my daughter’s hair.

But you won’t believe what she had the courage to do. 

She stepped into the shower on video and literally showed how to take care of her hair. 

I remember the moment that I saw her do it. 

I cried. 

I was so grateful that she had the courage to step out of what society deems as “normal” (and no she was not naked she wore a bathing suit).

I was glad she wasn’t too embarrassed to get into the shower on video so that she could make an impact on families like mine that really needed this information.

And so today, my message to you is that you do the equivalent of stepping into the shower on...

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How to Keep a Group Engaged? The Secret Behind Getting More Interactions on Facebook

Mar 29, 2021

Facebook groups can be one tactic to grow your audience, but it doesn’t have to be the only. If it's not 100% aligned with what feels good to you, there are a million other ways to build a business.

If you still want to build your audience through Facebook groups and you are wondering how to keep a group engaged, you need to give yourself grace. If you stopped engaging and showing up in your group, you need to have some forgiveness and not be hard on yourself.

And so if you are struggling to get more interaction on Facebook, because you didn't show up in your Facebook group you need to clear that, otherwise, when you do decide to show up, you will feel shame and guilt. And that's not going to serve you. Long-term, it's not going to create consistency and persistence, which is what you need. 

Nothing in the past needs to be changed. You can just move forward. And as long as you are in alignment, as long as you're intentional with what you're creating, then you can move...

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Do You Use These Facebook Group Engagement Ideas? (EP #220: REBROADCAST)

Mar 29, 2021

In this episode, Mariana talks about Facebook group engagement ideas to engage your audience and get more interaction. 


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Key takeaways for Facebook Group Engagement Ideas:

[01:45] The secret way of growing your audience

[03:30] How to use the full potential of your Facebook group?

[06:00] Having an  audience or engaged audience?

[07:30] How to engage members of your Facebook group?

[13:45] Stay commitment to see real results

[16:00] What is the real beauty of your job? The small group

Finding good Facebook group engagement ideas can be hard. But you don’t have to struggle as I did if you apply for a consultation here and learn how to engage a group and get more interactions on Facebook.


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I Worked for 23 Hours a Day for a Week, Here is What I Learned

Mar 26, 2021

I actually worked 23 hours a day for one week during a launch. 

I am not proud of this fact. 

And with my nursing background I just defaulted to... working as much as possible 24/7.

I had done it in my nursing career so obviously I could. 

But the reality is that after that week I went to a coaching session with my coach where I broke down crying because I realized what I was doing to myself was not sustainable.

And most importantly it was so far from the reason I started my coaching business. 


I knew things had to change majorly in my business to take my business to the next level of actual freedom not just the title of founder and CEO but actually living the lifestyle that I initially was after when I began my business. 

What I didn’t get was why I was working so hard and still unable to:

- Bring on more full time team members to help me. 

- Book high end clients consistently week after week instead of relying on launches that were...

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If You Have Too Many Ideas... This is a Must Read.

Mar 24, 2021

Today one of our members in the Make March Your Biggest Sales month challenge had a huge breakthrough that I wanted to share with you because it is such a huge lesson.


She noticed herself flip flopping between:

  • Who she would target with her business. 
  • The direction she would take with her business. 
  • The programs she would offer. 


This was a huge moment of self awareness for her because seeing the pattern is the key to being able to change it. 


If you are changing directions often, it’s most likely due to one of two things:


1- You don’t fully believe that the direction you are going in will be “enough” so you try to compensate by adding more and more...and more just in case the first two (or 20) don’t work. 


2- You use flipping to something new as an escape. Because the new thing/solution/project is so much easier (and inspiring) than feeling the rejection or dealing with resistance. 


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How to Make an Income Leap in your Business (and How Not To)

Mar 22, 2021

Today I found myself beating myself up for not being at 7-figures yet in my business. 

Which honestly is quite dumb a lot of the decisions I have made up until this point have been about maintaining my schedule and my freedom over the money. 

In December I turned down a $25K client because I didn’t want to take on the workload it would entail. 

However, It was a full circle moment because a few years ago I did this when I was trying to get to 6-figures.

I was comparing my progress to the progress of others.

Thinking that there was some magical thing that I would have at 6-figures that I didn’t have now.

And guess what happened? 

I didn’t reach the goal from this place.


It wasn’t until I stopped looking at what anyone else was doing and started focusing on what I was doing and what my team was doing that I reached the goal.

Here is what it took: 

  • I looked at what I was responsible for and decided how I would manage these...
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