Ready to book out your coaching business and raise your revenue ceiling?



It happens through intentional/strategic action!

YES, I want the checklist!

If you’ve been looking to turn your expertise and knowledge into a six-figure coaching business, you already know there is A LOT of talk out there around what to do.

For example:

 Posting on social media everyday

Which doesn’t feel right when you started your business to have more freedom, not being glued to your phone.

✘ Dancing on reels

Which isn’t your style… at all.

✘ Having the perfect video recording for your coaching program.

Which is causing you to delay getting out there and serving people with your expertise.

✘ Fancy photoshoots

Which has you waiting until…

✘ Investing on Ads 

Which doesn’t make financial sense when you’re not even generating consistent income yet.

✘ Hiring someone to build out your website

Which doesn’t ….

As someone who has not only been an online coach for the past 7 years but has also helped others from all over the world to make millions of dollars, I’m here to tell you that you don’t need ANY of that.

What you need is to take the intentional/strategic actions that move the needle. Those actions?

They’re all within the Raise Your Revenue Ceiling Daily Checklist!

YES, I want the checklist!

What happens when clients of mine learn how to focus on the actions that matter in their coaching business?

Hey there! 

I’m Mariana Ruiz.


And when I’m not making boss moves or painting in my sketchbook, I’m playing mom to three adorable children (two human babies 6 & 7 years of age and my 11 year old shitzu-poodle). 

Having been born in Venezuela and immigrated to the US with my parents when I was 7 years old, I am no foreigner to hard work and ‘putting in my dues’ 😊.

In fact, I went to nursing school and climbed up the corporate ladder where I was about to oversee 3 hospitals when my preemie daughter was born and I went all in on my online coaching side hustle.

I worked hard to take that business to multiple 6-figures in sales and scaled it to where I could work only 3 days a week just before my son was about to go to kindergarten, which came in handy during virtual schooling and quarantine.

Last summer, I decided I missed the healthcare field and decided to go back to working in a hospital setting to help out during the pandemic. It is so much more fulfilling to work because I want to.


I run a coaching company where we help coaches grow and scale their businesses to 6-figures in sales while working at the hospital, investing in real estate and painting every day.

What you get with Raise Your Revenue Ceiling Checklist: 

  • Key actions to take every day in your business to raise your revenue without overwhelm (even if you're starting at zero).
  • The 4 things that will unlock the most profit in your business that all successful businesses employ (but no one talks about).
  • This is where you can have exactly where my clients go to when they need clients so you never have to wonder “How will I get clients this week?”.


Raise Your Revenue Ceiling Checklist is for those who want to make the most of their limited time by focusing on the tasks that are proven to increase their bottom line in their coaching business and ditch the things that suck your time without making you money.

YES, I want the checklist!