It’s time to show up consistently and with ease for the clients you are meant to serve.

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Content is what allows people to discover who you are online. 


Content is a vital part of growing your coaching business and attracting clients to your business.


But the reality is that: 

Showing up online can be an emotional rollercoaster that goes between “I can’t believe this is my job,  this is the most amazing thing ever!” to “I just can’t even get myself to post a damn thing today”.

It can feel discouraging when you put your time, energy, and effort into a piece of content and perhaps you get no comments few likes and you wonder…is this even working?

Sometimes you find yourself scrambling asking yourself “What do I even post?” and pressuring yourself to post SOMETHING, anything…Today.


After working with clients for over 8 years, I know how hard it can be to show up with your content online consistently. 


Especially when life happens…as it always does. 


When imposter syndrome kicks in.


Or when you simply don’t feel like creating.


The key to showing up with content that engages and attracts your ideal clients is to have a good system in place. 


A content system allows you to have your own back when the going gets tough. 


It’s what allows you to not create on the days that you don’t feel like it but still show up for your ideal clients. 


A content system can also work with very little effort from you because it can be delegated out to a virtual assistant (VA).


A good content system is consistently captivating new quality leads so that you can get more clients.


And over time, your content system will snowball so that you create exponential growth. 


As an example, last month we filled up our challenge with 500 people! Something that years ago, I thought, seemed insurmountable.


My team and I are hosting a workshop to show you my content system. 


This system has helped our coaching clients all around the world to grow their audience base and show up consistently online. 


But we don’t stop there because a system that you don’t use is useless. 


I will help you plan and outline 25 weeks of content with over 200 pieces of content to post that attract your ideal clients and get you seen online.


With our content system, you can ensure that your content is repurposed to 4+ social media sites expanding your visibility and reach.


Since this is a small workshop format you can ask questions and get support every step of the way.


Introducing the Captivating Content Workshop brought to you by Impact-Driven® Coach School.

By the end of the 3-hour workshop you will have: 

✅ A system for content creation that is organized and easy to use

✅ Planned out 25 core pieces and over 200 micro pieces of content  to use on social media

✅ A strategy for repurposing that content yourself to 4+ social media sites or handing it to a VA

✅ Clarity about how to captivate your ideal clients and bring in quality leads to your business

✅ One month accountability group


Here at Impact-Driven® Entrepreneur, we know the power of coaching, consulting and accountability and we want to offer all of those so that you can show up consistently online to make a difference in the world. 


In the past, clients have paid $20,000 for our done for you content system that their teams can implement on over 4 platforms online. 


Today, we are giving you the opportunity to snag the content system, get support and accountability in creating your own content so you can show up for those that you are meant to serve for a fraction of the price. 


Join The Captivating Content Workshop for only one payment $299.

Here's what you'll get when you join:

 3 Hour Workshop held on October 1st, 2022 at 1:30 PM EST-4:30 PM EST via Zoom (Workshop includes breaks)

 The ability to ask questions and get support with your specific content strategy from me

 Accountability group over FB Messenger between October 1st and 31st.


Isn’t it time that you get seen online by your ideal clients?


Isn’t it time to increase your reach and get more sales?

 Join us for the Captivating Content Workshop today.


Get started today for only $299.


Content Strategy, Here We Go!

Who the heck am I to tell you all this?

Hey there! I’m Mariana Ruiz. 


And when I’m not making boss moves or painting in my sketchbook, I’m playing mom to three adorable children (two human babies 6 & 7 years of age and my 11 year old shitzu-poodle). 


Having been born in Venezuela and immigrated to the US with my parents when I was 7 years old, I am no foreigner to hard work and ‘putting in my dues’ 😊.


In fact, I went to nursing school and climbed up the corporate ladder where I was about to oversee 3 hospitals when my preemie daughter was born and I went all in on my online coaching side hustle.


I worked hard to take that business to multiple 6-figures in sales and scaled it to where I could work only 3 days a week just before my son was about to go to kindergarten, which came in handy during virtual schooling and quarantine.


Last summer, I decided I missed the healthcare field and decided to go back to working in a hospital setting to help out during the pandemic. It is so much more fulfilling to work because I want to.



I run a coaching company where we help coaches grow and scale their businesses to 6-figures in sales in part time hours while working at the hospital, investing in real estate and painting every day.

Here's what previous clients have to say:

Lisa Benevidez

CEO & Visibility Coach

My content creation game completely changedI can put my content together quickly and easily. It has been such a time saver!

Working with Mariana is great for busy moms with crazy kids and a growing business who want to make a bigger impact while working easier and less hours.”

Melissa Kessler

Holistic Wellness + Hormone Educator

I'll be away next week and won't have to worry about creating content

All because I've got so much good stuff already done thanks to your system!! Woot woot! Thanks, girl!”

Joy Martinez


“I've been struggling with setting up a system. Thanks, Mariana, for your amazing wisdom and organization! If you haven't worked with Mariana yet, you NEED to!”

Amisha Shrimanker


“I went from not knowing what content to create to selling out my group coaching program & making sales daily in my business (unapologetically).”

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