⚡️⚡️Attention Coaches and Consultants Who VALUE Making An Impact and Creating Transformation For Your Clients

Who are burnt out...

  • between kids being home during the pandemic
  • servicing clients 1:1
  • and trying to do it all in their business until they can afford to hire their next team member

Maybe you have tried to scale your 1:1 practice only to realize that the sales didn’t quite go as you expected and now you have to fall back to 1:1 again to make ends meet.

I am so ready to launch my Sold Out group Program!

What’s the difference between coaches that make $10K/month with their group programs allowing them to stop trading dollars for hours in their practice...

and those that have launches that barely break even forcing them to fall back on 1:1 coaching?


If you guessed...

  • Having a super flashy 6-week program that looks good on a sales page
  • Having an extra $10,000 to invest into ads
  • Being 20 years old, single with no kids and hustling their face off working 20 hour days and posting pretty selfies 
  • Having a super polished IG feed with gorgeous travel pictures including that flashy new $3K purse you just bought and thousands of followers


You'd be wrong. 


You see the truth is, building a coaching business that makes consistent revenue and doesn’t trade dollars for hours is about being strategic with your business model. 

Here is what you need to know about launching a sold out group program in 2021...

The truth is…


😅 You don’t need to have a HUGE audience to make consistent recurring revenue with your group program. 


👏 You don’t need to resort to pushy funnels that feel like you are pushing fish into a trap...hello these are real people!


💸 You don’t need to dump thousands of dollars into ads and pray that the launch breaks even.

Why your coaching business has been so hard to grow and scale to that 6-figure or multiple 6-figure level…


Instead of calling in dream clients into offers that you are excited to show up for and don’t leave you feeling like you need a drink or pint of Ice Cream on a Tuesday night.

Up until now, you have been focused on getting people on sales calls and booking them into your 1:1 practice. 


Both sales calls and coaching require YOUR time, energy, effort and undivided focus to keep going. 


So when life gets crazy - AKA your kid gets sick, your client load gets high, or hello global pandemic…


You stop booking sales calls and suddenly your clients are completing their programs and you are left scrambling trying to fill those empty 1:1 spots to replace that lost income.


But there is good news...now more than ever people all over the world are looking for virtual solutions that are more affordable and build community due to the pandemic. 


Which means that instead of going to the gym down the street they are looking for programs to get fit at home in their living room that also allow them to have a sense of community which is difficult to have during the time of social distancing.


The global pandemic is affecting about 7.6 Billion people most of which are looking for virtual solutions to their most pressing problems.  


By offering a group program, you are not only helping clients to get the sense of community, the transformation, and the support they need but you are also helping YOURSELF win back your time (and sanity) by serving 20 people in a one hour a week session which means you can help more people.


If you have read this far, you know why it’s crucial now more than ever to scale your 1:1 coaching practice with a group program in 2021. 


🥰 Imagine waking up after 8 hours of sleep, having time to journal in the morning and looking at your calendar to see just ONE appointment on your calendar at 1 PM for your group program. 


☕️ Imagine having all morning to sip your coffee while the kids are in virtual school without trying to barricade yourself in your office and feeling frustrated every time they walk in during a client session because they don’t know how to reload a page or trying to make sure they aren’t surfing the internet instead of being in class.


🤑 Imagine it’s the first of the month and you have $5K in recurring revenue coming in this month from your 1 hour a week group program EVEN if you don’t sell a single thing the rest of the month. 


🏞 It’s a sunny, warm Wednesday afternoon and your kids are begging you to go to the park (either because they are having their 12th meltdown for no reason or because they are just flying off the walls) and you are able to take them there without a second thought about all the appointments you will miss that afternoon. 


🏥 Your kids are sick (again) and you don’t bat an eye slapping your debit card down for the copay at the doctor's office and pharmacy and being able to take the rest of the afternoon to cuddle with them without it affecting your bottom line or stressing out about medical bills.


But the good news is now more than ever, this is a reality for you if you are a coach online because the world is looking for virtual options that build community and connection without potential health risks during the pandemic.

If you have read this far you know why it’s crucial to scale your coaching business with a group program so that you can:


🎲 Be more present with your kids on Family game night instead of running through the to-do list of things you have to do the second the kids fall asleep.


💰 Finally celebrate your 5-figure launches by whipping out the Credit card for that family weekend getaway you have been meaning to do AND not have to worry about being back by Monday because you give yourself 4 day weekends every week. 


📅 Avoid that feeling of dread as you look at your overfull schedule and pray that your kids behave all day while you are on calls.


But what you might not know is that there is a super simple 3 step system that has the power to…


💳 Call in clients that say “take my money now” for your group programs. 


🚀 Get better results for clients with a group program than 1:1 coaching


😅 Consistently bring in money on demand for your business

It’s called The Sold Out Group Program Framework.

Step 1: Aligned Strategy

There is nothing worse than being told exactly what to do and then hating and resisting what you are “supposed to do”.

The point of running a business and not having a J-O-B is to have something that works FOR YOU.

That is what aligned strategy is all about.

It's about having a strategy that is aligned for you and you can keep utilizing over and over and is proven to work.

THIS is the secret to having a sustainable business and making an impact long term.

Step 2: Impactful Coaching & Teaching


Develop a system that UNIQUELY helps your clients to get results and abolishes the competition.


Plus do it in a way that gets better results than 1:1 coaching and allows you to charge high-ticket rates for your group program.

Step 3: Consistent Sales Machine


Imagine having a predictable system for making money regularly in your business. No more having to go back to selling 1:1 every time a launch doesn’t pan out. No more stressful launches that make you snap at your kids or cause your home to be neglected for weeks at a time.


I have helped hundreds of clients all over the world to create SOLD OUT group programs.

Who am I anyways? 

My name is Mariana, a coffee loving mom of two humans and one adorable shitzu poodle. In 2015, I didn't have time for my kids and business and just wore myself out completely. I had to take care of my daughter who was a newborn premie. I also had a 16-month old at the time who was acting out because he wasn't getting as much attention anymore.


I was burnt out & frustrated because I wasn't making enough money with my coaching business and had no time. I had coffee pretty much hooked up to an IV, but was still exhausted. I felt defeated.


If only I could make more money, so I could hire a full-time nanny and a full-time VA to free up my time so I could spend it with my family who needed me the most.


Everything that I was doing to make money meant that I had to work more hours and I didn't have those hours so I couldn't make more money. It was a viscous cycle. 


I remember putting 15 minute blocks inside my planner to try and make more time appear, and there was still NO SPACE for anything else.


I realized I only had so much time in the day. My gut was also telling me that there had to be a better way than all the 1:1 coaching.


There had to be an alternative that could create consistent recurring revenue and financial security in my business. I kept hearing that I should build a course or to go back and work part-time as a nurse.


I tried courses & membership sites but the launches just kept barely breaking even and burning me out more as it meant that I was practically glued to my computer for at least a month at a time.


Then, my coach at the time mentioned the idea of running a group program. I ran my first group program, and it didn't work as I had planned, so I gave up on it.


Until about a year later when I was even more burned out and desperate to find a solution when I realized a high-end group program (not the type I was running prior) could create consistent recurring revenue and I would be able to do 1 hour of coaching a week instead of 10-20. 


I decided to create another group program which one year later I had taken to $100K in sales on it’s own and I was able to make more money in my business, while working less time.


This allowed me to hire a full-time nanny (that even cooked dinner)!


I was able to send my kids to the bilingual private school I wanted to send them to. It also allowed me to hire a VA and start growing my team.


Now, I have freedom with my schedule and have done that since 2019 (which came in very handy with the pandemic).


Besides being where you are...

  • I have over 14 years of experience building businesses on and offline and have been a coach online for almost 7 years. 
  • If you are sick of hearing regurgitated information from coaches who don’t really KNOW what they are doing then buckle up and get ready to massively up-level so you can create the business breakthrough you have been longing for. 
  • I have personally sold over a million dollars in goods and services in my career.
  • I believe selling is serving and I will help you to make this shift as well because when I began selling I struggled with this one too.


Our clients get the best results (I don’t know anyone who has been able to help several people increase sales by over 400% in a group setting, add 6-7 figures with a single launch etc.). 


And these results aren't the only telling sign... 


Our clients continue to buy from us because our programs and services always come with high quality service.  Simply put, when I coach you, I remember you and your business.


We have a 75% retention rate in our group programs again only showing that our services are making an impact and people want to continue their journey with us.


What this means for you is that you will be able to create truly impactful programs that change people’s lives and live out your mission while making more money than you dreamed was possible and having the freedom to be with your kids.


I am totally down to earth and relatable even though I have sat in the boardrooms of multimillion dollar companies.


What this means for you is that no matter what you are going through I have either personally experienced it or helped someone who has. 


I have a background in brain surgery (Neurology nerd here!) and hospital administration from my corporate career.


What this means for you is that I mix evidence based business and behavior change to help you to get out of your own way and build a sustainable business that stands the test of time.


And I was named by Influencers Digest the Number 2 top coach in New York in 2020. 


But you don’t have to take my word for it… 

So if you are ready to...


  • Run a group program that is SOLD OUT with dream clients who will take action and get results.
  • Massively up-level your coaching business so that you are no longer trading dollars for hours and you can be more present with your kids instead of being on your laptop again during family movie night.
  • Laugh the next time your unsupportive relatives ask you when are you going to get a “real job” over the holidays


Then it’s time to sell out your group program.



The only A-Z to create an impactful high-ticket group program that generates consistent recurring revenue.

By the end of this program, you will have… 


✅ A proven way to sell out your group programs EVERY TIME you launch so you can make money on demand. 

✅ A business that allows you to work part time hours while making full time income.

✅ Consistent income coming in every month instead of having to start at square one every single month and hope you can hustle and sell enough to pay the bills by the end of the month.


But above all else,


Group Programs That Sell gives you the freedom to be present with your children instead of worrying about money and what time your next coaching session is.

Lets go behind the scenes of what Group Programs That Sell Looks Like


Module 1: Aligned Strategy ($200 value)

Design your most profitable group program launch strategy that works for your lifestyle and business goals based on evidence instead of just hoping that it works.


Module 2: Impactful Coaching & Teaching ($200 value)

Create your group program curriculum and learn how to up-level your coaching skills and confidence for results as good (if not better than) your 1:1 clients get.


Module 3: Consistent Revenue Machine ($597 value)

Create a predictable consistent sales machine for your group program so that you can create money on demand with your group program.


The power and value from just these modules would easily be $997 but since I LOVE making a big impact I am adding $2,100 in bonuses.


  • BONUS 1: 3 Months access to Mindset Mastery - Get out of your own way and claim the abundance you deserve. This program is typically only available after clients have worked with us in our high-end group program. AND includes live coaching calls with Mariana and/or one of her trained coaches 2 x/month to help you get out of your own way and step into your full potential. ($600 value)
  • BONUS 2: Service Based Calls That Convert- The step by step process to close sales calls from a place of love and service ($500 value).
  • BONUS 3: The Ultimate Heart Centered Follow Up Plan- 13 ways to follow up and close the sale without being pushy or sleazy ($500 value).
  • BONUS 4: The Complete Leads From Thin Air Training- The secret to turn your social media followers into qualified sales leads ($500 value).


GET THIS PROGRAM FOR FREE...(no that's not a typo)


Upon completion of this program, when you have executed on launching your group program, you will get a credit for the entire amount you invested in this program to go towards The Profitable Impact Formula® our mastermind designed to help you to scale your group program to multiple 6-figures working 3 days a week. Because selling your group is sweet, taking it to multiple 6-figures working 3 days a week is even sweeter!

Right about now you may be asking, What's the investment?


Group Programs that sell has a combined value of +$3097 including bonuses


If we were working together 1:1 that would run you $20,000 - $65,000. 


But today, you can take advantage of Group Programs That Sell for only $297.


$3097 $297


This ONE TIME PAYMENT Of only $297 to finally scale your coaching practice and say goodbye to a calendar full of client calls and being trapped in a pseudo J-O-B.


One time Payment


  • The Entire Group Programs That Sell Framework 
  • BONUS: Access to the Challenges That Convert training
  • BONUS: Access to the Group Topics that Sell training
  • BONUS: 3 Months access to Mindset Mastery -Get out of your own way and claim the abundance you deserve.
  • BONUS: Service Based Calls That Convert- How to sell from a place of service on your calls
  • BONUS: The Ultimate Heart Centered Follow Up Plan
  • BONUS: The Complete Leads From Thin Air Training 
Let's Sell My Group Program!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Let's Launch Your Group Program That Sells!

It's Decision Time...


At this point you have two choices, you can sit back and do nothing and or you can join Group Programs That Sell


What will happen when you do nothing? 


Where will you be one year from now if you don't have a leveraged offer that allows you to serve 10+ clients in one hour a day? 


You may be thinking you’ll be in the exact same spot as you are now, but it's worse than that. 


Imagine not only all of the time you’ll miss with your family, but the mental anguish and stress for another year.


OR you can choose to get support with creating your high-ticket group program from someone who has been there (and helped others to do the same).


Imagine one year from now...What you will say to yourself when you have a group program where you are serving 10+ clients in one hour a week that just hit the 6-figure mark?


The decision is yours.


Will you continue to hope that your group program sells?


Will you continue to secretly dread every 1:1 client you bring on because it's robing you from time with your family or taking away time from taking care of yourself?


OR will you make 2021 the year that you claimed the FREEDOM and Impact that you signed up for when you started your business?


Let's Launch My Group Program that Sells!