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"Mariana is really good at taking people by the hand and showing them how not to get distracted and focus on the things they need to do to get clients."

Elizabeth Salazar
Business Mindset Coach

"I launched my first group program and got my first 3 clients! Its such a success, everyone is getting value from my group program. And I was able to fill it using my strengths not some cookie cutter way."

Julia Landis

"I brought my business online and was able to make consistent recurring revenue! I like how the program is personalized."

Catherine Calmes
Business Consultant

"My revenue increased by 453%! Thanks to Mariana and The Profitable Impact Formula."

Kayla Brissi
Life Coach

Consistent Multiple 5-Figure Months

$1 M in Sales in One Year

"Mariana is legit. She helped us increase revenue by 400% and profitably go from 1 to 4 employees in 5 months."

Julie Diémé
Digital Course Expert

"It's simple evidence based business practices. If you go to any business school, this is what you’re gonna learn. The only difference is that you have now made it into a practical application that people like me who didn't go to business school can at least understand how to apply it."

Obehi Alofoje
Psychologist + Productivity Coach

"I had a 64 percent increase in my moral income for my business and it's been consistent income. Until you experience the transformation or see for yourself all of the tools that are available, all the resources, exactly how much you get, exactly how present you are, how you customize new training all the time or just how you coach people on different levels, you won't know until you’ve experienced it, until you jump in. "

Allison Fab
Life & Business Coach

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