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Sales So Easy a 7-Year-Old Could Do It

5 days of FREE training to unleash your inner sales person even if you don’t consider yourself one of the cool kids, outgoing, or suave.

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Are you creating content, showing up online, maybe even doing webinars and challenge launches, and STILL not making consistent sales in your business?


This can feel frustrating AF and after being an online business owner for 7 years, I experienced this myself before I discovered the Effective Sales System. 


There is one key to making consistent sales every week and in this challenge, my team and I will teach you how you can make sales so easy and simple that clients come in weekly.


In the online space, you may have been taught that it’s about putting on these big launches or that you have to not sell your program for a whole year to “build up the anticipation”. But these ideas are completely ludicrous and not based on sustainable business principles. You would never walk into a store and they tell you can’t buy eggs or milk for 3 months, and if they did you would likely just go buy it somewhere else and never go back there again.


The reality is that in order to stay in business you need to be able to make money every day, or at least every week.


That is why in this challenge, we will teach you how to do that without launching using a simple system.


Making sales online does not need to be a big complicated multiple month process, it can be so easy that a 7-year-old can do it. In this challenge, we will show you how.


Here is what we will cover throughout the 5 days:

❐ The Profitability Equation and how you can use it to increase sales without drama or overthinking

❐ How content marketing drives sales (hint: it’s not posting on social media)

❐ High ticket online sales that are doable even in your Yoga pants with a kid tugging at your lap.

❐ The secret sales pitch that works and doesn't leave you feeling pushy 

❐ The simple sales system to get clients weekly


Plus when you join, you will get:

✔ FREE daily accountability

✔ Actionable assignments to bring in sales 

✔ Connect with the community of Impact Driven® Entrepreneurs, just like you, who are building businesses that help others.


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