Let's make 2021 your most impactful year yet by creating consistent recurring revenue

so that you can have freedom in the areas that matter the most to you

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  • If you stopped being overwhelmed daily with a never ending to-do list.

  • Getting clients & cash on repeat with streamlined systems that create predictable, consistent, recurring revenue.

  • Stepping into the thriving CEO role and to finally enjoy time off with your kids or afternoons at the spa without worrying about answering your full inbox of client questions.

 It's not just a dream, we have helped hundreds of clients around the world achieve this goal


After selling out my private practice just 7 months into my coaching practice, I thought that "I had made it" as a coach.

I got to work from home to take care of my kids and be my own boss.

Only, it was not nearly as glamorous as it seemed.

I was juggling answering to 15 private clients who were blowing up my inbox all day, 2 kids under 2 (including my preemie daughter who needed special care), and trying to not to lose it between the 4 hours of sleep that I was getting every night. Burn out doesn't begin to describe it.

I completely changed my business model and implemented what we now call The Profitable Impact Formula®.  Since then, I have scaled my business  and we have helped multiple clients add 6-7 figures in revenue and 3 clients to increase revenue by over 400% in just a few months.

I have stepped into the thriving impactful CEO role and have a team that backs me up with the sales, marketing, and service allowing me to create consistent recurring revenue so that I have the time freedom from my coaching business to spend time with my family.

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Why work with Mariana and The Impact-Driven Entrepreneur Team?

Mariana has over 13 years of experience building businesses on and offline and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the world to grow their businesses. She was named #2 Top coach in New York by Influence Digest in 2021.

We help you to build an impactful coaching company (not just to have a one off high income month). 

It's about building a sustainable coaching company that stands the test of time.

We do this differently because we help you to...

1) Sell more effectively: Don't just post on social media and hope you get clients, we help you close clients more effectively using brain science.

2) Do-able Systems: I get it, you are an entrepreneur and don't have to answer to anyone. AND sometimes that is half the problem. When you lack accountability and the structure about what to do and when to do it, our best laid plans don't come to fruition. We help you scale by giving you do-able systems that make you and even your VA's or full team work more effectively. 

3) Leadership: Whether you are trying to grow an audience, increase sales, run launches or grow a team that is generating 4-10x what you pay them, leadership is not an option, it's required.

By the end of our time together, you will have a business that makes consistent recurring revenue, runs effectively without you, and let's you have the freedom in the areas that matter the most to you.

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"We were hesitant to make the investment in coaching because our business was not bringing in consistent or substantial income. We decided to go ahead, use credit, and trust. A month into the coaching, Flora launched her first group program and made the exact same amount back! Find a way to work with Mariana!!"

Flora & Kristy Ware
Leadership Mentor & Personal Trainer

"When I started working with Mariana I was getting clients but under-charging. During the course of our work together I doubled my pricing and started selling my high level program with ease. This allowed me to make consistent 5-figure months and hit 6-figures in my first year in business!"

Sara Louerio

"Holy Wow! Mariana schooled myself and my team on her unbelievable challenges formula and within the first 90 days of using it we filled 2 new programs completely and added six figures in re-occurring revenue organically-with ease. Total game changer. Mariana is the real deal and can help you create the breakthrough you are looking for NOW!"

Kelly Roach
Business Coach Coach

Who our mastermind programs are for:

  • You are not a brand new entrepreneur, you have been in business for 1+ years but are lacking the consistency in your revenue especially when you stop working or something comes up in your life.
  • You sell or are willing to sell high-ticket services (Anywhere between $2,000-$65K), and if you are not in a niche that you think can support this you are willing to let us show you how you can.
  • You want to build a coaching company and a brand that leaves a legacy and makes a difference in the world.
  • You are ready to massively up-level your business- attract higher level clients, build a team and become a go-to thought leader in your space.
  • You want to step into a CEO role in your business with delegating to a team you can trust that will produce results for your company.
  • You want the lifestyle freedom not just the hustle your ass off so that you can take time off and not worry about your business.
Heck Yes, This is me!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are selling information or transformation (helping someone to change their life) then this is for you. We have helped numerous people who are what we call consultants- You have a skill you know how to do and now you can teach that skill to others. If this is you, apply for your strategy session today and let's scale your business!

If you sell programs that are $2,000-$65,000 or want to but are unsure how, we can help you. However, If you are charging $100 for a course or have a $99/month membership and are unwilling to offer high ticket services, this program is not for you.

You apply for a consultation call and that is 100% free. If we feel you are not a fit for our services we will cancel the call in order to respect your time. If you are potentially a fit we will place you in the program that works best for you based on where you are right now. Our programs range from $2,000 to $60,000 depending on the level of service you want (Teaching, Coaching, Masterminds or Done-for -You). The result is always the same: You will make more money without wasting your time.

Let's make 2021 the year you create consistent recurring revenue in your business

and do this year after year


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