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Is it Time To Scale Your Coaching Practice & Reclaim Your Freedom?

In Your Coaching Business, not only are you the  CEO, Founder and working multiple roles within your business, heck you might be the only one right now or have a very part time VA.

Which means you have to run the business, wear 15 other hats AND service your clients.

You began your because you wanted to help others, and create financial and time freedom for yourself... 

Fast forward a couple of years and now, you are feeling burnt out, underpaid and overworked. Your results are a stark contrast to what you wanted to build for yourself.





  • If you stopped being overwhelmed daily with an endless to do list that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to focus on.
  • Getting clients & cash on repeat with streamlined systems that create predictable, consistent, recurring revenue in your business so that you can grow your business without feeling like you're married to your business or neglecting your family.
  • Stepping into the CEO role by hiring a team that makes money instead of causes you to frantically sell more just to cover their head so you can finally enjoy time off with your kids, afternoons at the spa and without worrying about answering your full inbox of client questions, where your next client will come from or your never ending to-do list.


Our job at The Impact Driven Entrepreneur, is to help you scale so you can live the lifestyle you want.


This means you will work fewer hours, make more money and help more people.


For many of our clients that means making multiple 6-figures and working 3 days a week. For others they just want to be able to work every other week or take summers off. The cadence of your schedule is 100% up to you we work with you to make your business run and sell effectively so that you can focus on the things you care about most. Helping people and spending quality time with your family or journaling in nature alone.

Our programs are designed to help you increase sales while decreasing your work hours.

We do this by helping you in three main areas: 

  1. Sales effectiveness. Don't just sell. Make it exponentially more effective with brain science. We help you take strangers on the internet to life long brand promoters with ease using brain science.
  2. Systems. What you and anyone else who works for you does can be done in a fraction of the time when the right systems are in place. Don't have systems that work effectively? You are paying yourself and others on your team to do the same thing 3 times. 
  3. Leadership. In order to grow your audience, lead your clients to transformational results and also lead a profitable team that makes 4-10x what you pay them leadership is not optional, it's required. We help you to step into your leadership role as an entrepreneur in a way that is both authentic and gets results.

What are you waiting for? Lets accelerate your success while working just 3 day a week

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I believe...

every coach deserves to run a business that is profitable, makes a difference in the world & gives you the freedom to enjoy your life.


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